Shri Kamakshi Veda Sivagama Vidhalaya
Shri Kamakshi Veda Sivagama Vidhalaya
Gosamrakshana Trust
Gosamrakshana Trust
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Gosamrakhshana Trust

TRUST is established for protecting the cow and emphasizing the spiritual importance of the cow apart from its economic aspect. GOSAMRAKSHANA Trust proposes to create a traditional Gosala near Chengalpattu with all the facilities read more…

COW Products:

Cow Milk: Cow milk is the first among various cow products used in medicine in numerous ways with numerous benefits. Cow milk is a perfect food and drink as it is a nutrient rich elixir and the most purifying of all. The quality of milk of the Indian breed cow is healthy (type A2) and most suitable for human consumption.

Curd: Curd is a dairy product obtained by coagulating milk in a process called curdling.

Both Milk and Curd (1 liter cost Rs. 60) is available for domestic use at outlet in Chengalpattu. We are not selling for commercial use.

Opportunity for all

Your contribution will go into the food and medical of our cows. We believe this is our moral obligation too towards cows which gives milk to ourselves & our future generations and hence, given respect of ‘mother’ in our tradition. Gosamrakhshana Trust gives an opportunity for all to participate in Gosamrakshana with their donations.

Greetings to all!

We are looking for donors / sponsors to provide grains for a herd of 350+ cows. The grains for cows include corn, jawar, ragi, bajra, wheat , oats, mineral salt, salt, jaggery etc We have all the necessary grinding machine to make these grains into fodder. If interested please contact us +91 9940125072

Cow calf adoption facilities:
Monthly fooding expenditure, Cow/Bull: RS.1350/month

The adopted cow /calf can be named for their needs and 24X7 visiting facilitate their adopted cow/calf/bull

Cow Pooja of adopted cow calf will be performed in a day advance intimation

General cow calf Pooja is being performed every day at 8 am in Gosala VembuVinayagar sannadhi for all

Chengalpattu Gosamrakshana Trust